Friday, March 14, 2014

Anne Archer Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox Injection Before and After Photos

Looking at Anne Archer current appearance there is much speculation about the possibility of using plastic surgery. There’s a strong difference between her look in the past and her current look. Some rumors are told that she might have botox injections, lip plumping and a rhinoplasty.
Has Anne Archer Had Plastic Surgery?
Many people are wondering and speculating about the brunette’s beauty secrets and how she has managed to maintain such a drop dead body and picture perfect face.

Born on August 25th, 1947 in California, Los Angles, Archer is the daughter of the famous Hollywood couple Marjorie Lord and John Archer. She has been well liked and loved by her fans in both television series and Hollywood movies, her most famous role being that of Beth Gallanger in Fatal Attraction.
Anne Archer’s Surgery Speculations
Celebrity cosmetic surgery has become quite a common practice amongst most celebrities and is one of the best guarded secrets in the celeb world.

There have been several speculations and verdicts regarding Anne Archer’s possible plastic surgery; her pictures from the early 90’s show a distinct difference when compared to her more recent ones, there is an obvious firmness around her smile and her forehead, suggesting botox and her lips and nose seem distinctly different, suggesting possible rhinoplasty and possible lip plumping?
At the premier of Collateral Damage, Archer seems positively strange, either she just is not aging well or her plastic surgery seems to have gone horribly wrong.
What kinds of plastic surgery she might have done?

First, when people look at her forehead, people can guess that a forehead with no wrinkles seems unnatural. It is strange that there are no wrinkles on the her forehead. She might have  had Botox injected to her forehead to remove those wrinkles. She also might have had a rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty, or nose job, has made her nose narrower or more pinched than before. The difference between her past appearance with the current nose is very obvious.
Her lips are also a bit strange. It looks like she had lip plumping too make them appear nutritious and sexy. She might have felt that she needed to keep  her face looking young, fresh and energetic to make her stay on track in entertainment industry. In some views she has done the plastic surgery well. However, she has a bit of an unnatural frozen look. She looks strange even though she is so beautiful.

What Exactly Has Anne Had Done?
Her skin appears to be much harder and taut, appearing almost unnatural while her smile does not extend to her eyes, which seem almost pulled back to reduce her wrinkles.
Anne Archer’s nose job seems more pinched than her earlier pictures, something that was very obvious and noticeable just like Jennifer Aniston’s or Sandra Bullock’s, but probably does not fall into the worst plastic surgery celebrities list which include Cher and Janice Dickinson.
Such criticism is at bay for Archer as she denies surgery and even though her face does look unnatural, she still has a glow about her face and sometimes her eyes seem to relax, giving her a more beautiful look.
Archer is one of the aging actresses in Hollywood and pressure is high with so many young faces showing up in television series.