Sunday, March 16, 2014

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Photos

What do you think of Anne Hathaway’s appearance? Is she stunning? Most people will agree that she is a stunning actress. Recently, the 30 year old lady was rumored to have undergone some plastic procedures to refresh her look.  These rumors are now being debated by her fans
Remember that young teen called Mia from the movie Princess Diaries back in 2001? Remember her quirky looks? Well, she sure has changed drastically and has grown up so such an extent that now there are stories and gossip about her labelled as Anne Hathaway bra size. This amazing actress has definitely come a long way from her Princess Diaries days as she has some very bold roles like that in Brokeback Mountain.
The rumors said that she might have a nose job and a breast augmentation. After comparing her photos, we can see that there is a difference in the tip of her nose. It looks like the tip has been reshaped nicely, and it’s now elevated up. It matches perfectly with her face.  She was also rumored to have undergone a breast augmentation because her breasts looked bigger than before. However, others don’t see a significant change in her breasts. They debate the rumors and attribute them to a different bra.

Out from the rumors, Anne Hathaway is still a dream girl for men, in fact, she might be one of the most stunning ladies in America. What do you have in mind? Do you think that she had plastic surgery?
Anne Hathaway bra size is a delight to know

This hot American actress has a classic hourglass figure which is like a dream for almost all women across the world. Her slim and petite waistline combined with her bodacious chest and wide hips gives her one of the most attractive female body measurements. The Anne Hathaway bra size caught the attention of not just media but her fans and other public too when she appeared on the cover of most of the A-listed magazines including Elle, Vogue and GQ. A ‘sex goddess’, that is how she came to be known and who can stop her from being crowned that when she looks smoldering every time she steps out. When we look down the memory lane and check her erstwhile photos, it is very hard to believe that the once weird and eccentric looking teen is now rocking tinsel town with her hot looks.

Anne’s beautiful looks can be traced back to her French and Irish ancestral heritage. Her flamboyant nature has been an added factor in this rise to fame. She has always been the fresh face in any movie providing her touch of magic. Yes, her incredible body is a huge advantage when it comes to engaging the public, but Hathaway is much more than that. Her body statics of 34-26-34 is that of an ideal female making her the most sought after actress in Hollywood. 34 C is the correct Anne Hathaway bra size which seems to be perfect for her slim figure. There are very less instances where we get to see a petite figure along with a curvy chest. And Anne sure fits that club amazingly well.
She has never been on the news for something negative and we hope that she continues this streak. There has been no gossip or stories related to any cosmetic surgery with her breasts so we know for sure that her assets are all naturally endowed. It is a good relief to have this hint of freshness in this silicon maddening world of celebrities.
Anne Hathaway Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
The next thing about Anne is her nose. While comparing the old and new pictures, you can see that the nose was thick before. And in the recent picture, it is thin and narrow. What did she done to her nose? Is it any natural change or done any make up to look thin? No, it is by nose job only. Rhinoplasty is used among big celebrities as well as common people. Only difference is common people using this to get the normal shape of nose which was ruined by accident or disorders or something. And the celebrities are doing this to make their face more perfect. I don’t think Anne really needed a rhinoplasty, nose was good anyways.
Along with the new breasts and nose, there exist rumors saying that she had done something to her lips. After examining the recent pictures, it seems that the lips are fuller than before. And she used some fillers to get it done. You know? Dermal fillers – used for lip implants, to make lips fuller and to add volume. But I’m not agreeing with this, because there’s no such “drastic” change in her lips. May be it’s because of lip gloss or something like that.
Anne Hathaway Breast Implants

Anne Hathaway was a woman used to have flat chest. And I think she really tired of this. To get rid of what she says “the boyish look”, she had undergone breast implants. Anne looks so comfortable and happy after the implants done. The size of breasts is 34C, and it suits well for her 5 feet 6 inches body. I actually love Anne’s smile, it is adorable. Now I love her breasts also (I hope every men too!).
Nowadays most celebrities are choosing big sized implants, which seems quite unusual. The over sized breasts are giving away a weird look and not attractive as they think. Everyone can easily spot that those are fake. Then what’s the point of getting breast implants? Whatever Anne is luckily to get nice pair of implants.
The celebrity has not admitted about any of the plastic surgery reports. That’s sad because you can actually spot the changes in nose and breasts just by looking at the photos. She is a known celebrity and admitting plastic surgery might affect her future of acting career. Go through the pictures I’ve posted and decide whether she had done or not.